The original concept behind the design of USS was to improve the riding experience. Given the fact that long-distance touring bikes and gravel bikes often encounter rough terrain with gravel and stones scattered on the ground for tens of kilometers, riders’ arms can become sore from the vibrations.

The RA100 is equipped with a micro-adjustment knob that allows riders to choose different levels of firmness or softness based on the bike model and road conditions. The micro-adjustment knob also features an anti-loosening design, ensuring that it stays securely in place during the ride. This suspension seat post has been widely recognized for its effective shock absorption and comfort during actual riding experiences.


There is a waterproof trademark rubber at the top, which not only adds aesthetic appeal but also prevents water from entering on rainy days and keeps out dust and dirt. When opened, you can see a high-strength integrated T-shaped screw that can withstand a breaking tension of 2.3T. For riders, it is recommended to open the waterproof rubber seal and apply high lubricating grease weekly. This ensures smoother suspension and enhances the durability of the product. When applying lubricating grease, please loosen the micro-adjustment knob to its loosest position before lubricating. After lubrication, adjust the micro-adjustment knob to the desired tightness for normal use. After applying grease, it is crucial to seal the waterproof trademark rubber cover back in place.



4-links structure with
HARD/SOFT micro adjustment function

The concept of USS design has been created from the traditional seat post, because after long term of riding, user’s lower body easily becomes numb.
USS makes the rider feels like flying an airplane to the clouds, and also feels as comfortable as riding a horse. The suspension function offers delicate downward and backward support, which is compatible with ergonomics of riding, and has been tested and confirmed in long term of riding test.

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Jiangsu Safort Metal Products Co., Ltd.

In order to reach the goal to 100% self produce, we keep investing in various machines and equipments, and building up labs for test. All the regular tests are done seriously according to the QC rules to stabilize the quality of products.

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SAFORT established a research and development team in 2019 to design products according to customer needs, and gradually transformed into an ODM factory.
From scratch to appearance design, structural design, 3D printing, CNC proofing, laboratory testing to complete the final product.


Our Services

  • 1. Provide design solutions
  • 2. Factory 100% self-produce
  • 3. Customized packaging
  • 4. Quick proofing(3D Printing or CNC)
  • 5. Build up long and loyal relationship with customers
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